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Welcome to the Isaac's Adventure Wiki!

Isaac's Adventure is an RPG fangame based on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth by Nicalis. The fangame was developed by Scatterbrain, an indie game developer on Gamejolt who specialises in games made in the RPG Maker engine. In Isaac's Adventure, the player is tasked with exploring numerous dungeons to find items and resources to help them battle enemies and bosses in order to get to the end. But it won't be easy!

The game can be found at


When Isaac's mother goes mad claiming she heard a voice, she locks Isaac in his room in order to free him from some perceived 'sin' of his. Feeling bad about the experience, Isaac opens his toy chest to play with some toys to relieve the stress. However, what he finds is not a toy of any kind, but a mysterious undead entity who leads him into a hidden underground realm just as his mother gives chase to try and sacrifice him. Now, Isaac must battle his way through dungeon after dungeon to reap rewards and gain items and skills in order to become strong enough to escape the clutch of his mother.

But not all is as it seems, for there could be someone else pulling the strings...

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